The Dutch Lighthouse Award is issued by the Award Manager OM Cornelis Jan Roos (Cees) PA0VLD (pa0vld@veron.nl).

The applicant should have worked at least 10 lighthouses and or lighthships located in The Netherlands.

All amateurbands and modes of operation are allowed. QSO’s after January 1, 2002 are accepted.

A QSO with a lighthouse or lightship in The Netherlands must be verified by a QSL card, and the name of the lighthouse or lightship and/or its LH number must be on the QSL card. LH numbers according to the ILLW and/or ARLHS lighthouse list.

Amateur stations activating a Dutch lighthouse or lightship should be within 500 meters of the lighthouse or lightship when working QSO’s.

The application for the award should be accompanied by a list of the lighthouses and or lightships worked.

The same rules count for SWL’s.

The applicant should apply for the award by e-mail; the award is free of charge and is send as attachment in a e-mail to the applicant.

Apply’s for the award must be send to:  pa0vld@veron.nl

More information can also be found on the website: www.dutchlighthouseaward.nl


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